Is Integrated Transport Research More Fun?

The short answer is of course: Yes.

However, we are partial.

Since 2014, the Integrated Transport Research Lab at KTH has been looking into the future of sustainable transport by thinking of it not as a competition between cars, bikes and buses, but as a team effort for different modes of transport.

Looking at things differently often requires new perspectives, so our work has involved industrial designers, behavioral research, as well as more traditional researchers and engineers in transport and vehicle design.

But at the core of the research is always the idea that the sustainable transport of the future will not be built on solely electric buses, or by putting everyone on bikes and banning cars, but by combining everything that is available in a way that becomes more efficient than if the system were more exclusive.

Today, we as a society are embarking on a journey of transition toward a more sustainable future. Transport is one of the most important riddles to solve. Since we don’t expect to arrive at an ultimate answer immediately, we are trying to continuously find the best way forward.

But apart from that, we try to be integrated in our day-to-day at ITRL. And by creating this blog, we hope to show you another side of how it is to work with transport related research. Hence the picture.


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